This comprehensive package covers everything you need for your brand. It includes the primary logo, alternative logo, submarks, a pattern, a business card PDF, a website favicon, and an email signature. Additionally, you'll receive an in-depth style guide, equipping you with all the necessary tools to maintain a cohesive and engaging brand for years to come. With these eight assets at your disposal, your marketing efforts will be well-supported and limitless

The Whole Nine Yards

Having just one logo is fantastic, but having multiple logos is a complete package that brings identity and vibe to your brand. Let's face it; we all get bored, and switching things up can be fun. In this package, I'll create a spin-off of your original logo, three submarks, and a versatile pattern. Patterns work wonderfully for envelope liners, packaging, website design, and anything else your heart desires.

Bespoke Package

Ah the logo. It is, without a doubt, so important. I will work side-by-side with you to make it happen. I will have you fill out a questionnaire and put together a Pinterest board of inspiration. Once that is completed, we will have an onboarding meeting and go over any questions before getting started. I'll use all your information to create your design board filled with three brand concepts that the two of us will work on solidifying into your final logo.

Primary Logo

Branding acts as a bridge, connecting your clients and customers to your business, giving it a pulse that is unique and identifiable. It should be cohesive, informative and true to you. 

At Alpine Lupine, I put your brand above all else. I do the digging, ask the marketing questions, draw up the design boards and listen to your feedback. I want you to walk away with something that you're proud of, something that shows the heart of your business and that will continue to grow with you over time.

Inquire for welcome Guide



This add-on provides ideal support for those seeking extra guidance throughout their design process. I'll play the role of your marketing expert, seamlessly transitioning into your designer. Branding is a valuable investment and offers various possibilities. By understanding your priorities right from the start, we'll create a brand that truly reflects your business, ensuring it stands out and thrives among the competition.

Mood Board & Consultation