"If we had branding soulmates, Bre would forever be mine. I truly could not be happier with my experience collaborating with Alpine Lupine on an updated logo, marks & branded illustrations. She took my wildly complex vision for my artful storytelling studio & copywriting business, Lady Folk, and delivered 164937%. Throughout the process I not only felt incredibly supported and taken care of, but seen for who I genuinely am. Which is so SO important in a designer! She reflected my rebrand back to me that brought me so much clarity & direction in this next chapter. The final product is original, intentional & undoubtedly me. I can not wait to share as well as send all of my clients to Bre! Hire her, folks - you won't regret a minute of your investment!"

- Chelsea owner of Lady Folk

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Branding acts as a bridge, connecting your clients and customers to your business, giving it a pulse that is unique and identifiable. It should be cohesive, informative and true to you. 

At Alpine Lupine, I put your brand above all else. I do the digging, ask the marketing questions, draw up the design boards and listen to your feedback. I want you to walk away with something that you're proud of, something that shows the heart of your business and that will continue to grow with you over time. 





Primary Logo

Bespoke Package

The Whole Nine- Yards

WebSite & Branding


With this package, Breanna will create a primary logo and a submark for your brand. This provides you with two distinct logo options, along with a color palette and fonts that can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing materials.

With the Bespoke Package, you'll receive a comprehensive set of logo assets, exported in full-color, full black, and in full white. Alpine Lupine provides two main logos, three submarks and a custom pattern to enhance your brand's versatility. Additionally, you'll have the option to engage in 3-4 calls with Breanna, who will guide you through the creative process. Your input is valued, which is why two rounds of revisions for each asset is offered, ensuring your brand’s vision is perfectly seen.

Merge the power of the Bespoke Package with a newly designed website that hits all the marks. This comprehensive package ensures clients walk away with both branding and a website that truly resonates with their audience complete, polished, and ready to shine. It's not just about having branding files; it's about putting them to work effectively.

Elevate your brand with this comprehensive package, expanding on the bespoke package. The highlight is the inclusion of detailed brand guidelines, ensuring consistency, effective messaging, and long-term brand integrity. In addition, enjoy a custom favicon, personalized business cards, an email signature, and up to four calls with designer Breanna. Benefit from two rounds of revisions for each asset.