"If we had branding soulmates, Bre would forever be mine. I truly could not be happier with my experience collaborating with Alpine Lupine on an updated logo, marks & branded illustrations. She took my wildly complex vision for my artful storytelling studio & copywriting business, Lady Folk, and delivered 164937%. Throughout the process I not only felt incredibly supported and taken care of, but seen for who I genuinely am. Which is so SO important in a designer! She reflected my rebrand back to me that brought me so much clarity & direction in this next chapter. The final product is original, intentional & undoubtedly me. I can not wait to share as well as send all of my clients to Bre! Hire her, folks - you won't regret a minute of your investment!"

- Chelsea owner of Lady Folk

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Branding acts as a bridge, connecting your clients and customers to your business, giving it a pulse that is unique and identifiable. It should be cohesive, informative and true to you. 

At Alpine Lupine, I put your brand above all else. I do the digging, ask the marketing questions, draw up the design boards and listen to your feedback. I want you to walk away with something that you're proud of, something that shows the heart of your business and that will continue to grow with you over time.