Intro Photo. Woman and Mountain Goat

The Blog

Jan 30, 2023

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, I aim to create a space to share my thoughts on branding, owning a small business, providing value to my clients, and the day-to-day maintenance involved in it all. I’ve always been someone who takes action and gets things done. In 2015, I moved to Montana with little knowledge of what to expect, and initially, it was challenging. However, over time, it became my home. I’ve formed meaningful friendships, met my husband, and explored numerous hikes within a twenty-mile radius. I believe that good things take time and can become even better with dedication, hard work, and a bit of perseverance. Although I’m new to blogging, I’m excited to give it a try. With practice, consistency, and dedication, I know it can only get better. Thank you for joining me on this journey!