Tips to Finding a Graphic Designer

How to Find a Designer

Jul 27, 2023

You’ve decided to invest in fresh branding for your business, whether it’s the first time or the fourth. It’s essential to find the right person for the job because not all designers are the same. We each have our own unique guidelines and styles. Some designers follow a strict style, while others prefer a loud, bold, and eye-catching aesthetic. Meanwhile, some focus more on fonts, simplicity, and the art of layering logos over images to draw the eye in. With so many styles to consider, it’s important to ask yourself and your designer some key questions during your initial meeting.

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Have you looked over your designer’s portfolio before reaching out?

While many of us can dabble with various styles and enjoy switching things up, there’s something special about finding a designer whose aesthetic naturally aligns with yours. When your designer’s style matches yours, it fosters a greater sense of trust, enabling both of you to collaborate on creating something original and authentic to your brand. This synergy reduces miscommunication and obstacles along the way, leading to a smoother and more effective branding process.

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Does this designer have the ability to meet your timeline expectations?

Based on the clients’ requirements, branding projects can vary significantly in duration, ranging from one week to over six months. At Alpine Lupine, the average completion time is around 4 to 6 weeks, which includes two rounds of revisions. As designers, we heavily rely on timely responses from clients to stay on track and meet our yearly goals. Ensuring effective communication and prompt feedback from both the client and designer is essential. When there’s alignment in this aspect, projects are more likely to stay on schedule and avoid unnecessary delays, preventing them from extending months beyond the expected completion date.

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What are you basing your decision on?

In the end, what led you to choose this designer? Was it their past work, their presence on social media, positive reviews, or a recommendation from someone you know? Sometimes, having a prior connection can be helpful, as long as you can maintain a professional relationship with them.

While pricing might seem like the primary deciding factor, it’s essential to ensure that the designer’s work aligns with your vision for the branding project. Making this a priority is the smoothest and smartest choice. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider their reputation for working well with others and being receptive to client feedback. A designer who meets these criteria is more likely to be a successful fit for your project.

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Drop a line, reach out, say hello

If you believe we could be a good fit, fill out my contact form! I’m excited to learn about your business and your branding needs. As the sole designer at Alpine Lupine, my commitment is to provide you with original and meaningful branding while prioritizing your feedback and brand requirements.