Working with Alpine Lupine

Sep 4, 2023

So, what’s it like to work with Alpine Lupine?

Well, that’s a great question! Over the past three years, I’ve honed a system to help you get your ideal branding. The first step is simple – get in touch! Fill out a straightforward form, and it’ll come straight to me. Once it’s submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation and a link to my questionnaire.

Now, don’t be daunted by the idea of homework or questionnaires; they’re vital.

I typically work with two kinds of clients who are seeking branding:

  1. Those who appreciate aesthetics, understand branding’s significance, and have a vision for their business. Often, they’re in the early stages of their venture. For them, the questionnaire helps clarify their “why.” What makes them unique? Who’s their target audience? What message do they want to convey? Early answers to these questions are crucial.
  2. Then, there are clients with established businesses who lack branding. They know their business identity but can find the process of defining their aesthetic difficult. They usually have a clear grasp of their demographic and voice, as well as preferences. The questionnaire helps them find inspiration by looking through Pinterest and pinpointing what they like about others’ branding.

Both groups benefit from this initial homework!

After you inquire and complete the questionnaire, we’ll schedule a chat to go through the onboarding process. This call clarifies answers on your questionnaire, lets us talk through your Pinterest board inspirations, and makes sure that I am reading into your goals with the same intention that you hold.

Being clear from the start is essential because what you show and what you say can sometimes be interpreted differently. By creating this clarity, I can craft three unique and original brand identities for your brand board.

This is a current client’s. All three concepts are for the same brand but carry a different energy.

Over the years, my boards have evolved. The initial goal of showcasing numerous options has transformed into a more focused approach: presenting three options while explaining the reasoning behind each one. These boards are comprehensive, providing clients with multiple perspectives of their brand before making a decision. On top of the branding, they feature ideas for fresh branding photos that correlate, font choices and diverse color palette that aligns with your brand’s essence.

Creating these boards demands significant upfront work, but the goal behind them is to streamlines the rest of the process. From merging elements and experimenting with colors and fonts, to minor adjustments. It transforms the abstract idea of your business’s appearance into something tangible.

So, if you’re interested in having your own brand board, simply inquire here, and let’s kickstart the process!

If you’re still unsure if this route is right for you, feel free to grab a time slot for a complimentary inquiry call and we can chat about your branding wants and needs!